Who can take advantage of our listings?

Although our site can be viewed by the public, only members can take advantage of our listings.US and Canadian Flags

To be a “member” you must currently be on active duty, have been honourably discharged or be retired from the Military or you must be duly employed or be a retired First Responder.

As a member, you must be in a position to validate your eligibility (i.e. valid ID) with the individual businesses at the time of the transaction.

It should also be noted that some products and services found in this directory may only apply to a certain class of individuals.

For Example:  Some discounts or offerings may apply to Military members but may not apply to First Responders (and vice versa).

These offerings are administered at the discretion of the service providers.

We want to make it crystal clear that these offerings are generously presented in recognition of your service to your community and/or country and NONE of the offerings found on our website should be viewed as an entitlement!

Don’t forget that as a member if you own a business you automatically qualify for a Free Premium Listing.

If you know of a business that provides any type of offers to our Troops, Veterans and/or First Responders please refer them to us!