Knowing that someone you trust has your back is a pretty big deal.

When entering the civilian world, many Vets are struck by the relative lack of camaraderie, structure, goals, and responsibility. It’s not unusual to end up feeling isolated and alone as a result.

Common transition difficulties covered in the program

• Broken connections with family or friends.

• Dissatisfaction with civilian workplaces.

• Feeling on edge, irritated, or angry often.

• Having trouble sleeping and staying focused.

• Feeling down or unmotivated for weeks to months.

• Avoiding public places or crowds of people.

• Seeking out the adrenaline rush of dangerous situations.

Time and time again we hear amazing stories of love, bravery, sacrifice, and pain from our Veterans Transition Program (VTP) Graduates that keep us inspired to continue this work.

Every single Veteran has a story worth sharing, so we’re happy for the chance to share a few with you.